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Something about witnessing the arrival of a new life stirs the deepest theological waters of the soul, and yet those of us who are breeders many times find ourselves asking the question, “Now why is it we are doing this?” Yet on we go, and on we are driven, wanting to see that particular baby. Artificial insemination (AI) has made it possible to breed to a seemingly infinite choice of stallions with both fresh/cooled or frozen semen.


Strangely, most mares’ ability to conceive seems to have a negative correlation with our desire for them to do so. Fortunately, time, effort, and research have empowered us with the knowledge and technology that allows us to approach conception rates previously only seen with the combo of the neighbor’s fence-jumping, plug pony and your star, futurity prospect filly.


Ultrasound imaging and interpretation, coupled with a thorough understanding of and experience with the reproductive cycle, play a vital role in successful breeding management. Therapeutic tools utilized include uterine cultures, cytology, and biopsies • hormone assays • ultrasound evaluation • speculum exam. Many other factors influence fertility and therefore need to be considered, i.e. general health and fitness, metabolic status, musculoskeletal issues (soundness), nutrition, and stress. It is our desire to stay abreast and informed of the latest and most up to date therapies in equine reproduction.

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