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Dr. Koella graduated from the University of Tennessee’s veterinary school in 1987, the very same year he became the father of one breathtakingly-handsome, super-intelligent son--Carver Koella (by the way this was written by Carver Koella); another son, Alex, was to follow in 1992.  Having been raised in White Pine and already very familiar with the places and people in the area, he set out to keep his practice close to home. Soon into his profession he became very excited about furthering his knowledge and acquiring specialized education in lameness and podiatry. Many enjoyable and successful years later, Dr. Koella is passionate about the equine foot and lameness, creating custom therapeutic shoeing, and yet remaining sensitive to the needs and importance of maintaining a natural foot and hoof.  Dr. Koella is married to one Sherry Koella, who together run a small side business breeding horses that usually move on to show or sport, nearly all of which are fathered by their Friesian/Dutch Warmblood sire, Nico.  Dr. Koella also owns one ambitious Collie dog, Lasha Loo, who oversees the horses on the farm, and one Maltese, Teeny Tiny, who contributes nothing to society and smells unpleasantly of fish and mud.

Jon is also on the board of directors for the therapeutic riding program Ridin' High.


Dr. Johnson graduated from Auburn University in 1991 and quickly made a move from his Kentucky home into a career long friendship and partnership with Dr Koella in the foothills of the smokey mountains. A proficient and dedicated ambulatory practitioner, his special interests include emergency medicine and wound management. Dr. Johnson's level-headed, dependable, and particularly friendly approach to veterinary medicine has won him quite a faithful clientele. He is married to respected and appreciated pediatric ER doctor and horse lover, Lori Nunley. He has also been blessed with three children....all grown, all gorgeous, and all daughters.

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